• Real-time decoding of a Dolby E file and Dolby E live input stream (host dependent)
  • Real-time downmixing of 5.1 to stereo
  • Downmix parameters taken directly from Dolby E metadata for a true emulation
  • Real-time program selection during playback
  • Adjustable downmix headroom control
  • Full Dolby E metadata display
  • Export metadata to XML or text file
  • RTAS (Media Composer, NewsCutter and Pro Tools)
  • VST (Nuendo, Pyramix, Fairlight, Sequoia)

System requirements:

  • Pace iLok USB Smart Key and PACE iLok.com account (not included)
  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.8.5 / Windows 7
  • RTAS plug-in for Pro Tools 7.4 HD - 10.3.10; Media Composer Family 5 - 7
  • 32bit VST for qualified VST 2.4 host
  • Real-Time AU plug-in for Final Cut Pro 7

The Lowest Cost Dolby E Solution for Decoding, Monitoring & QC

Final Cut Pro, Symphony, Media Composer, NewsCutter, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix, Sequoia, Fairlight & more

Version 2.0 Available Now!

The SurCode for Dolby® E Stream Player plug-in delivers real-time decoding capability for all of the post-production participants, even when they are only equipped for stereo. SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player automatically decodes Dolby E and performs a real-time downmix to stereo using the embedded Dolby E metadata parameters.

As a complement to a complete Dolby E workflow, or a low cost quality control solution for the production chain, SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player easily integrates the Dolby E format into existing workflows across platforms and applications, providing more choice for video post production professionals. It’s a problem solver for broadcasters, contractors, second units, location crews and anyone who needs to incorporate Dolby E into their workflow without the bulk and expense of full surround.

Supported Platforms & Formats

  • Media Composer & Symphony 5 or newer RTAS (M/W)
  • NewsCutter 10 or newer (W)
  • Pro Tools 8 or newer RTAS (M/W)
  • Final Cut Pro 7 AU Component (M)
  • VST 2.4 (M/W) - Supported hosts include Sequoia, Pyramix, Nuendo

Fully Certified Peace of Mind

Unlike competing products, all members of the SurCode family, including SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player, are fully certified and licensed. This ensures complete interoperability across the globe, with all platforms and delivery methods.

SurCode for Dolby E — Encoding the world

iLok Activation


How to Activate your license:

  1. This product requires an iLok USB Smart Key dongle for licensing. If you do not have an iLok, you can purchase one directly on our website or at ilok.com.
  2. Go to ilok.com and create your own iLok account.
  3. Download and install the iLok License Manager.
  4. Next, register your license with us. You will need your serial number, your iLok User ID and your contact details. Please fill out the form completely so we can recognize you correctly among our tens of thousands of customers.
  5. Your license will be generated within one business day and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
  6. Once your confirmation e-mail arrives, launch the iLok License Manager. At the top of their user interface, look at Available licenses. Select and right-click to Activate. This moves the license from the iLok server to your dongle.
  7. You are done! Your license can now be moved from one workstation to another by simply taking your iLok with you. Remember, your dongle contains your license! It also needs to be plugged in in order to use your MASI product.