Relevant Quality Control for File-Based Automated Environments

Relevant QC

With the proliferation of distribution channels, the broadcasting landscape is expanding geometrically. As content is continually repurposed for new target formats, the potential for errors increases in proportion. And while quality control solutions for video have kept pace with today’s workflows, comprehensive audio QC remains a challenge for many of today’s production platforms. Issues with audio quality and loudness, channel configuration and formatting, encoding and metadata, etc. are beyond the scope of the more video-centric QC tools.

With today’s file-based workflows, QC and verification is essential to ensure file integrity, compliance with new loudness regulations and compatibility with the next stage in that content’s lifecycle. Minnetonka Audio, in collaboration with leading broadcasters and studios, identified the most critical QC tasks for both Dolby E files and PCM audio content and incorporated them into AudioTools Quality Control Server.

We Do Audio

AudioTools Quality Control Server provides automated QC and verification of Dolby E formats and delivery specs. AudioTools Server’s QC also intelligently screens the PCM audio itself for surround channel identification, program correlation, and playback anomalies such as clicks, pops, and silence.

AudioTools Quality Control Server features individual modules tailored to each audio essence type and can be configured to handle multiple types simultaneously, including:

  • Format and metadata validation
  • Correction and compliance
  • Essence integrity
  • Channel assignment
  • Loudness conformance and rectification
  • Transient/click and loss of program detection
  • Program correlation/comparison

These tools and more are managed and regulated according to your company-defined rules and standards. Further automation is accomplished through the AudioTools Workflow Control module, a decision engine that processes and adjusts audio properties according to predefined instruction sets and parameter ranges. AudioTools Workflow Control also manages load balancing in multiple-server deployments.

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