Layer 3 — Enhanced Workflows with AudioTools Server

AudioTools WFC is a turnkey, autonomous workflow controller for AudioTools Server, customized to suit your production environment. AudioTools WFC adds decision logic to AudioTools Server, defining more complex and conditional tasks. AudioTools WFC is also used for load balancing and can distribute the workload across multiple AudioTools Server systems.

Command & Control
AudioTools WFC is the command and control option for AudioTools Server, the third layer in the tri-layer ATS architecture. An optional module running on AudioTools Server, AudioTools WFC systematizes the Server, enabling stand-alone operation along with support for load balancing and dynamic reconfiguration of Workflows on the fly. Differing layers of processing and control structure lead to different uses for an AudioTools Server installation, where ATS Jobs are instruments in a Workflow toolbox, and AudioTools WFC combines two or more Jobs into a comprehensive sequence of file and essence processing.

Complex Decisions
With conditional branching and a range of functional options, AudioTools WFC enables your required Workflows on several levels. Multiple Jobs can be combined into new and novel configurations, since AudioTools WFC manages varied programs in single or multiple containers, channel configurations and file types. Programs can be linear PCM in WAV, BWF or AIFF format, or can be multiplexed within Dolby E, MXF or QuickTime containers. Audio channels within an essence can be reconfigured and/or replaced prior to downmixing, transcoding, re-encoding or re-wrapping. In addition, metadata validation and repair or replacement can be applied, along with loudness measurement and correction. All of this processing is input file-aware, since AudioTools WFC maintains a record of each source file’s state prior to processing.

Exceptions Welcome
If your production environment dictates frequent operator intervention, AudioTools WFC can handle your routine tasks, while allowing for exceptions and contingencies. AudioTools WFC can either quarantine exceptional files and continue to process the queue or, can halt a Workflow and idle until the exception is addressed.

Talk SOAP To Me
AudioTools WFC is driven with a powerful XML scripting language tailored to control audio Workflows. Since AudioTools WFC runs on AudioTools Server, SOAP is another service that can be brought into play for interoperation with your existing DBMs and DAMs. This SOA architecture allows AudioTools WFC to be loosely or tightly bound to your other business intelligence. With AudioTools WFC, your output processing can be conditional, recursive and dynamic, adapting to the input files or content as it appears in watched folders. Flexible decisions are made based on your business logic and workplace requirements.

Watched Folder or Web Services
Using a flexible XML specification, AudioTools WFC can execute multiple simultaneous Jobs via Watched Folders or Web Services integration. Workflows can be fully automated with conditional breakpoints for manual intervention based on Workflow parameter conditions. All Workflows can be monitored and controlled remotely via a web browser interface.

Real ROI
In today’s tough business climate, infrastructure upgrades often take a back seat. Seeking a reduction in rework and repetitive tasks while freeing up valuable human resources for more challenging tasks and special projects? Would improved quality, greater uniformity and faster turn around times be valuable? At Minnetonka Audio Software, we do audio. A systems approach to your daily audio processing means both your video-centric equipment and audio experts are freed up to handle the tasks they perform best while your audio workflows are processed by an automated expert system tailor made to your prerequisites.

Manual QC and loudness adjustment have their place in any workflow but lack the predictability, consistency and productivity that only strategic automation can deliver. AudioTools Server is a mature, interoperable problem solver that scales from modest to massive. With the assistance of Minnetonka Audio’s sales and engineering staff to help you define and refine your workflow requirements, a versatile and open AudioTools Server system can free your production personnel to do what they do best: be creative. Contact your local Minnetonka Audio dealer or call direct to find out how easy it is to integrate AudioTools Server into your existing workflows, immediately saving you time and money.

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