Minnetonka Audio Software Re-activation Policy

The following policy is applicable only to challenge and response software activations:

In certain circumstances, you will need to contact us to re-activate your software. This may occur, for example, where you change your computer. Re-activations are strictly controlled to ensure adequate security of the software. 

A maximum of 3 re-activations are allowed for a single purchase. To re-activate your software, please go to http://www.minnetonkaaudio.com/support, complete the form and describe the reasons for re-activation.

In many cases this will be effected immediately. However, for software security reasons we may in some cases require clarification or confirmation of the circumstances that give rise to the re-activation requirement. We retain the right to reject re-activation requests where we suspect piracy, the ownership of the product is in doubt, or the maximum number of re-activations has been reached.

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