AudioTools CLOUD

AudioTools CLOUD ON-DEMAND is designed for the Amazon AWS Marketplace that offers the processing that you want, when you need it, and you pay only for what you use.  Workflow control, processing modules, and reporting all happen within the Amazon EC2 Instance as well as the S3 Cloud Disk, requiring no on-premise hardware costs or ongoing maintenance.  Expansion to handle peak processing requirements is possible by configuring additional EC2 instances which can then be taken offline when not required, saving money during downtime.  

Available directly in the Amazon AWS Marketplace, post houses, independent producers, or entire facilities have access to the same level of sophisticated processing without the expense of time, labor, machines, or maintenance.



Frame Rate Conversion

  • Sample Rate Conversion

Loudness Control

  • EBU R 128 Loudness Adjustment

  • CALM A/85 Loudness Adjustment

  • OP 59 Loudness Adjustment

  • Custom Loudness Correction

  • Loudness Measurement

Container Management

  • Extract/re-wrap audio from MXF and QuickTime™

Channel Management

  • Upmix – powered by Linear Acoustic UPMAX

  • Downmix

  • Channel Detection

  • Channel Reorder

How to launch

  1. Go to the AudioTools Cloud product page on the Amazon AWS Marketplace.

  2. Click the yellow Continue button.

  3. Sign In to your Amazon Account.

  4. Select your Region from the available dropdown. (the region physically closest to your location)

  5. Select the EC2 Instance Type (e.g. the size of the virtual machine you intend to rent). The Cost Estimator will show the approximate monthly charges that your account will be billed - based on 24 hour use over 30 days.

  6. Click the yellow Launch with 1-click button to start the instance.

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