We Chose SurCode for Dolby E

Digipost"We are currently onlining / mastering a music based package, multicamera HD acquisition, surround mixed, output to HDCam for delivery to PBS. The delivery requirements are for Dolby E encode on CH 3 & 4 so we evaluated two software packages for Dolby E encode/decode/QC. I never had an issue with Minnetonka reaching tech support, I always received professional treatment and our issues were always resolved. We received calls to verify our issues were resolved, that our demo licenses were received, even after we purchased that our licenses were received. While I was still on a trial license the support was targeted directly at moving me forward, with a promise of "any help you need to dig further into the software just call us". We had a meeting nearing the end of our trial and made the decision to buy. That decision was directly influenced by the support we had received. The absolute world class support from Minnetonka Audio, sealed the deal for us."

"We bought the Minnetonka SurCode for Dolby E bundle."

Doug Beal
Editor / Engineer

Rock Creative Images

Nashville TN


“Minnetonka Audio Software’s encoding tools for Pro Tools give us an unprecedented flexibility in our surround mixing workflow. The simple interface and real-time processing provides a foolproof environment to deliver what our clients need.”

Azuolas Sinkevicius

Engineer/Mixer/IT Management for CRC. www.chicagorecording.com

MSM"Expanding our business to offer Dolby E services was an important step, as Dolby E is now the de-facto standard for many networks and state broadcasters. SurCode for Dolby E was an excellent choice for us because we know that this plug-in is certified by Dolby to maintain quality assurance, and because we know that Minnetonka Audio Software stands by their products and thoroughly tests before releasing. We purchased SurCode for Dolby E because it works."

Learn more about MSM and Dolby E from a recent article on ProAudio.de.

Stefan Bock.
Managing Director - msm-studios GmbH

Chris"We began using Minnetonka Audio Software's SurCode for Dolby E as beta testers on a feature length film. One of the things we really liked about the software was its adaptive quality. In the past, alternative hardware encoding/decoding solutions made moving from suite to suite a laborious task. With SurCode for Dolby E we can encode or decode from any of our Pro Tool’s stations. In an intensive work environment, this capability allows for a more efficient management of multiple workflows, while saving our clients time and money Simply put, SurCode for Dolby E has improved the quality of our products and increased the speed of our delivery. This is a software solution that always delivers, and it's just a better way to work."

Chris Goguen
Owner/Head Engineer

Credits include: CBC, Radio-Canada, CTV, Discovery Canada, TFO, ARTV, Super Channel, Starz, APTN

Outloud"We are highly opinionated and determined to use the best tools and ensure that our clients receive the best quality - regardless of budget and timing. For us - SurCode for Dolby E is a grand slam home run. If Dolby E encoding/decoding is a requirement for your studio, and this software an option, you would be well served to try a demo (which is easy
to obtain). I challenge you to find a reason why this is not the best solution for our busy Post Production DAW world. Great Job Minnetonka!!!"

Mark Kondracki
Principal Engineer
Outloud Audio

Credits include: Discovery Channel, America’s Next Top Model, Interscope recording artist “Clique Girlz”, Style Network, North South Productions, Sundance selected “Ten For Grandpa”


DIGIPOST - New Zealand
Bruno Barrett-Garnier
Sound-Editor/Re-Recording Mixer

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