Pathfinder Silence alarm

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Pathfinder Silence alarm

Post by CAWilliams01 »

Right now I am using pathfinder as a silence alarm for the stations air signals. I have a stacked event to play an alarm wav file if we go silent. The alarm file will only play once; how do I go about configuring the stacked event to repeat playing the alarm as long as there is silence?

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Logic works by change of state. Since the silence is a single state, you need to create an additional condition that would be changing.

So you could do a few events

Silence & Memory slot -> Play wav
---------------delay------> undo Mem slot

(2) Mem slot undone ---------------delay-------> redo Mem slot

Event (1) is your existing event but adding an additional qualifier which is a memory slot. Make sure to select AND and not OR for the events. You will also add an action in the delay category (after event is met) which changes the memory slot.

Event (2) is our toggle. The qualifier is the slot value we changed to previously. After a delay send it back to what will cause the Event (1) to trigger again. Once the silence state is clear, Event (1) will not be qualified once the toggle event (2) occurs.

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